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Face Paint Your Way to Extra Summer Cash

Face Paint Your Way to Extra Summer Cash

Face Paint Your Way to Extra Summer Cash

Extra (MP) Whether summer or fall when at fun filled parties face paint is all the rage and it’s not only the kids either, but adult also. If you have a flair for putting on makeup; love children, doing parties and have loads of patience – then face painting is right up your alley. Painters earn up to $100 the first hour for 10 guests and under, and $40 to $50 for each added hour making our little angels smile. And as your activities become serious you may want to read my business structure review

Start Your Face Paint Business!

1. Learn the basics!

To get started go over to Wikihow Face Painting. I’m no instructor just the guy telling how to make the cash. Then watch online videos that show other painting techniques. There’s also tons of online classes or attend live classes in your area and you should buy some books – There are lots of excellent face painting books out there for under $15…  Study them and you’ll be up and running in no time!

2. Just 10 designs to start!

You don’t have to be a profound artist to do mug artistry. You just need to start, in-fact pick the best five designs for boys and best five for girls and perfect them. Once you’ve got down packed, create a board with photos so children can pick out what they want. Not sure what designs are favs – animals, flowers, and butterflies seem to work best with kids.

3. Sell Yourself!

Make up fliers, business cards (free), attend street fairs, start a Facebook page, and set up a website! This will give you the kind exposure that informs people you do parties. How about volunteering a charity events or offering your skills to a friend who hosting a party. Promote a special offer such as upgrading a booking, you can also offer free balloons or extra painting time. If you’re just starting out and don’t feel ready to charge the going rate for your services yet you could offer a “Opening Special” with a discount of perhaps 20% to customers. Once people see what you can do the jobs will start rolling in. Don’t be afraid to lose a little in-order to gain a lot.

4. Kid safety first!

For health purposes, always wash your hands between customers, it help to keep the kids and you safe. Use baby wipes or a hand sanitizer. Buy only FDA complaint products and cosmetic glitters. Metallic craft glitters can scratch the cornea and cause damage to children. Be aware about what products you buy. “Non-Toxic” doesn’t mean “safe for children’s skin.” Acrylic craft paints, watercolor markers, and pencils are not designed for use on the skin. Markers can take a long time to wash off.  Then, some products read, “washable”, but maybe referring to fabric, and not the skin. Examples of safe brands include, (Snazaroo, Wolfe Brothers, Fardel, Paradise, Mehron, Kryolan, and Ben Nye). Remember, a good product will provide consistency and is opaque and smooth and you’ll have better control over it. And please buy good brushes because cheap brushes cause the bristles will come out on the children faces!

5. Fees


10 guests or under- 1 hour of service = $100

Each group of 1 to 5 guests over 10 will be charged an extra $40. For example,

11 – 15 guests – 1 1/2 hours of service = $140 ($100 for the first hour, and $40 for the next half hour).

16 – 20 guests – 2 hours of service = $180 ($140 for the first hour and a half, and $40 for the next half hour).

You can charge a $25 deposit to reserve a date and apply it as a credit towards the hourly rate.

6. Insurance

You might not have even considered insurance for your face paint business yet, however it does remain an essential part doing business. By purchasing face painting insurance, both client and guests can be reassured of security in the service you offer, and advertised. If you do not have your own, then you should ensure that a venue for the event covers you and gives you indemnity against claims.

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