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Get Your Money Back on Virtually Anything

Get Your Money Back on Virtually Anything

How get money back on virtually anything

Shopping (MP) Today it’s really easy to return most merchandise and get your money back. But other spending blunders can prove to be quite difficult. Especially, when you move into areas like services, apps, agreements and events already purchased –you may never get money back on these items.

And this is troubling because when we can’t use items we’ve purchased its money down the drain. Much like my piece on “How Americans Waste Money Every Year.” Let’s take a look at solutions to get your cash back on traditional problem return merchandise.

Get money back on nonfundable purchases

1. Recoup nonfundable airfare!

There are times when travel plans change, but you’ve brought nonrefundable airfare tickets. Now if your situation has change because of an emergency and you used a credit card to buy the tickets, some card companies will aid you getting your money back. Find out if your credit card company has this service. If not as soon as possible find one that does!

2. Return a car lease agreement!

You’ve grown tired of your leased car and it’s payments. You want out! How do you get your money back? Well, traditionally car leasing companies don’t even think of letting you out of a lease contract. But, we’ve found a way out: By transferring your lease to someone else! Today, thousands are looking for short-term car leases or at least a good no money down deal. Many leasing companies looking to keep their money flowing will allow you to transfer your lease. And they’ll do it for a small nominal fee like $99. To find transferees just list the details of your car and lease agreement at sites like and These sites help you with the paperwork and after the transfer is approved, you pay a fee (around $50) and you’re out of the agreement.

3. Refunds on a purchased Apps!

Suppose you buy the wrong music, game or app, or it just isn’t what you expected. Did you know you could get your money back! If you’ve purchased at Google Play Store, choose the item you want cash back and you’ll get a refund once it’s uninstalled from your device. For Apple buys, open iTunes, click your account, then “past purchases” and “report a problem.” Next, choose the item you’d like refunded and tell them why. Apple will get back to you 72 hours after reviewing your request. Window phone users/buyers need visit their account in the Microsoft Store, click “order history,” then click the item you purchased and follow the instructions as stated.

4. Sell event tickets at market rates!

What if you’ve brought concert, sports game or other event tickets and you can’t make it. While most venues won’t give your money back, you can sell them to people who can attend by listing them on trusted ticket resale sites like and

5. All non-traditional return items

Sometimes companies can be difficult when it comes to returning services, apps, agreements and events tickets. Just search through the company’s website or “Google” the company’s listings to find a senior person with jurisdiction over what you’re returning. Next, fire off him or her an email. (For instance, you want to contact the company‚Äôs head of “Product Services” about the item you want cash back on.)

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