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Geico Insurance – Are they a Good Fit!

Geico Insurance – Are they a Good Fit!

Geico Insurance Company Review 2015

Updated 01/2016 (MP) Geico Insurance happens to be the fourth largest insurer of auto insurance policies in the U.S. This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., a Warren buffet company. In business since 1936, the company boasts greater than 20,000 employees and more than 21 billion in issued policies.

MoneyPacers believes the best auto insurance companies concentrate on putting customers first. Geico comes in on top with customer service by making claims reporting is easy, that can be done over the phone, online and through local territory agents. Geico is MoneyPacers Gold Award winner for its years of continued excellence.

Geico Insurance Customer Claims Service

The Geico Insurance team is among the top customer satisfaction insurance agencies we reviewed. Geico was once a primarily online or over-the-phone company, saving its customers money by not employing local-area agents. However, Geico has started to open up more area representatives to offer stress-free meeting with an agent in the flesh. Geico’s doesn’t have as many local-area representatives as some other companies however this is a conscious cost-saving choice, and such savings are passed on to its customers.

A customer service team will help you choose the type of coverage which works for you. Supposing you ever have questions about your policy, Geico Insurance is available 24/7 online or over the phone. By far the most pertinent time we think of auto insurance is when you have to make a claim. Geico’s claim service and reporting are among the most highly rated. Geico’s team is among the best at getting customers a fast and easy claim.

Available Coverage

Purchased collision protection for your new car in case of an accident and comprehensive insurance to protect against hazards such as fire, theft, or broken glass. Although, not everyone needs to get comprehensive coverage you are required by law to have a certain minimum amount of car indemnity. This company stands apart because of its great selection of policy coverage choices, including all standard types of coverage and a number of great add-on options. Standard policy choices include bodily injury and property damage liability coverage and protection against property damage from uninsured motorists. You can also choose emergency roadside assistance coverage to get immediate help if you need a tow or if you’re locked out of your car. Select rental reimbursement coverage if you want free access to a rental car whenever your own vehicle is in for repairs after an accident. Mechanical breakdown protection, which helps pay for engine repairs and part replacements that aren’t covered under your car warranty. Geico even offers windshield and glass coverage. You get a quick repair whenever you get a chip or a crack in a car window.

Available Discounts

Geico rewards their drivers with discounts as they recognize that rewards builds brand loyalty and creates a better driving environment. Not only is the company rewards program for those who keep the road safe, but also incentive to all drivers to drive safely to reduce premiums…

  • Clean records and no recent incidents 26%.
  • Car has anti-theft device(s) 25%.
  • Enlisted in military, or veteran 15%.
  • Taken defensive driving course varies
  • Sign up for e-billing varies
  • Bundling Life Insurance with Car varies

Discounts Not Available

  • New car replacement coverage (provides a brand new car in case your vehicle is totaled in the first year of ownership).
  • Policy Management

    Geico also does a great job regarding its online policy management tools, ranking high in the industry for providing a simple yet powerful account dashboard with full access to most policy settings. Geico’s account manager lets you review your policy, pay your bill, print proof of coverage, and add or remove drivers. You can also add or remove a car from your policy, change your coverage options, make a claim or adjust your deductibles instantly with no telephone calls or visits to your agent.

    Or you can contact Geico through its website, a toll-free number, a nearby agent if close to one, or through the Geico mobile app. The Geico app is one of the most comprehensive apps for an indemnity company around. Not only does it include a lot of features like claim service and virtual ID cards, but is also one of the easiest-to-use apps for auto insurance. If you have an idea of what you want, you can go online and start a policy now. But, first you may wish to speak to an agent in some form to have questions answered.


    Geico company is a household name in cheap car insurance industry. Although, they lack some vehicle coverage options and misses several common discounts, they are a very popular auto insurance company that generally offers some of the lowest quotes around.

    Our Verdict: Geico Insurance is definitely a auto insurance company worth considering because of great customer service and affordable prices.

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