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Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Careers

Careers (MP) If you’re seeking particulars on whether you’re having a boy or a girl guess who likely will be answering the question, that’s right Diagnostic Medical Sonographers> And they may even answer a number of other life-changing medical questions simply by using ultrasound technology. This job outlook sits at #11 on the Top 30 Jobs Outlook for 2020 with projections to increase by 43%.

Another thing ultra sound techs do is use sonograms to help diagnose other medical conditions. By creating images of body organs and tissues these professionals give us a peek at what’s going on inside our bodies. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers include musculoskeletal sonographers, who specialize in creating images of muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints; neurosonographers, who concentrate on the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord; abdominal sonographers, who capture images of the abdominal cavity as well as nearby organs such as the kidney, liver and pancreas; and breast sonographers, who capture images of breast tissue that might confirm the presence of cysts and tumors.

This is definitely a noteworthy profession that plays a vital part in ensuring a proper medical diagnosis. Your Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is responsible for the independent operation of sonographic equipment, along with performing and communicating results of diagnostic examinations using sonography. They’re also in charge of daily operations of the sonographic laboratory, patient schedule, equipment maintenance, the report of equipment failures, and quality assessment (QA). The sonographer maintains a high standard of medical ethics perpetually and is self-motivated to increase level of understanding and knowledge of the field, disease, and new procedures as they evolve.

It’s a job having both social and technical elements, since sonographers must situate a patient just right ensuring that a properly calibrated machine can produce the very best image. The job also requires social savvy, since the sonographer is the first person nervous patients may see for information about their condition.


According to the BLS, diagnostic medical sonographers earned a median salary of $66,410 in 2013. The best-paid 10 percent earned more than $92,070, while the lowest-paid earned less than $45,840. Areas of the industry that pay well include outpatient care centers and colleges, universities and professional schools. California tends to compensate well – specifically, the metropolitan areas of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Vallejo and Santa Rosa.

Salary Range

75th Percentile $77,860
Median $66,410
25th Percentile $54,830

Education & Training

While there is no formal license process in many states, health care professionals can learn on the job (get clinical experience) in their hospitals for example, or pass various one-year certificate programs. Most employers prefer a candidate who has passed a certification exam by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. Or a graduate of a formal Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program or Cardiovascular Technology Program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) is required. Although, a Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is desirable most students get by with two-year associate degrees. This curriculum includes studying anatomy, physiology, instrumentation and other medical courses.

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