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Point Lobos – Monterey

Point Lobos – Monterey

Find Peace at Point Lobos - Monterey

Travel (MP) The topography of Point Lobos is so breath-taking Robert Louis Stevenson used it as a background for Treasure Island. Located inside the State National Reserve in Monterey, California, the scenery is unique and fortunately, the area became part of the national park system 1933. Not only is the park well preserved; there’s peace and quiet inspite of the fact the area attracts 300,000 plus visitors annually.

Purchase a three-day State Parks pass that offers in-and-out privileges at every California State Park in Monterey County, including Pfeiffer Big Sur, Andrew Molera State Park and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and of course Point Lobos.

Walk on the Wild side

Welcome to the ocean at Point Lobos, it’s home to sea lions, harbor seals, elephant seals, sea otters, and is a year-round vacation spa for orcas. You’ll enjoy whale-watching without leaving dry land. Now the time to go because Gray whales migrate past this area from December to April, and can be easily seen from the coast.

Point Lobos has even more animals on land than in the ocean. Though many of them, such as the gray foxes, raccoons, coyotes, striped skunks, opossums, and mountain lions, are primarily nocturnal, occasionally you can spot them during the day. You may even catch sight of weasels, deer, badgers, bobcats and rabbits.

While Pacific Grove is known for its Monarch butterfly sanctuary, not many people realize that Point Lobos also provides an important wintering-over spot for these flying sensations.


Find Peace at Point Lobos - Monterey


There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, Salinas, the Carmel and Salinas Valleys or anywhere else in Monterey County than by hiking through it. There are hikes in Monterey County for every level of hiker, from the novice in sneakers to the extreme hiker with the latest high-tech gear.

Combine your hikes with a great overnight camping trip or just do a day hike. For a light day hike, you won’t need any special gear. But a few minutes of extra prep means the difference between a smile on your face instead of blisters on your feet.

Wear layered clothing; what may start out as a chilly morning becomes a warm afternoon rather quickly. Hiking boots are great, but for a light hike sneakers are just fine. Wear a hat; it will guard your face against the sun while protecting you from sunburn.

Bring water to increase your stamina during physical activities. Put the water in a small backpack along with a couple of granola bars, a bagel or a bag of trail mix for a quick burst of energy. If it’s an all-day hike, pack a sandwich for lunch. And don’t forget to pack sunblock.

Point Lobos Tips

  • Waves can sneak up on you – and sturdy-looking cliffs can crumble unexpectedly. Stay on the trails and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • There are restrooms at Point Lobos, but no concessions. If you plan to be there long enough to get hungry, bring food as stated above.
  • Point Lobos is a nature preserve and activities you might enjoy elsewhere along the coast, such as Frisbee play, volleyball and kite flying are not allowed.
  • Leave Skipper at home. Dogs (except certified service animals) and other pets are not allowed
    No fires are allowed at any time, but you can picnic in the open areas where the tables are located.

After visiting Point Lobos and having enjoyed the reserve as much as we have, you can help preserve it by donating to the Point Lobos Foundation.  A little can go a long way in protecting this precious commodity.

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