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Travel Hideouts of the Super Rich

Travel Hideouts of the Super Rich

travel hideouts of the super rich

(MP) The super-rich travel hideouts is one of the best kept secrets on earth. And they like do it stepping from limousines to private jets, that take them from a five-star hotels in Paris to a five-star hotels in Beverly Hills.  Of course, an eight-course gourmet dinner prepared in a private dining room, by a five-starred master chef is standard.  Private elevators, personal shopping assistants, six-bedroom suites with their own postal zip-codes goes with the territory. These days the super-rich avail themselves by shopping for new Gucci loafers and Cartier watches in far away lands.

Today, about 20% of private jet travelers take at least one pragmatic trip every year spending an average of US$100,000. Of the 200,000 Highest Net-Worth families ($30 million or more) this amounts to as much as $4 billion per year spent cage diving with Great White sharks or adventuring into space. The Adventure Travel Trade Association says the total market at about $90 billion with an average spent of about $3,000 per person and an audience of 30 million consumers, meaning that even though the very rich account for less than a half of one percent of total travelers, they generate nearly 5% of the revenue.

Super Rich Travel Hideouts

For the middle class, vacations mean renting a home, an apartment, or a spare bedroom — anything to save on the cost of hotels. As the rich get super-rich the gap between them and everyone else widens, so has the way people experience vacations. The wealthy are looking for ever-more ways of being pampered while you’re just looking to save a buck. And guess what? The travel industry has adapted both at the high and low ends — to meet their needs.

“For the super-rich being pampered while on vacation is like Travel Porn, indulging in champagne wishes and caviar dreams is what they come to expect. My job is the see that they get it, ” says David Samuelson, travel concierge to the super-rich. But, guest what? If you have the cash to spare – here are some exclusive travel hideouts of the super-rich…

Travel Contrast Grows Between the Rich and Poor

1. Marina di Portofino, Italy

The once quaint fishing village is now an exclusive retreat for billionaires and celebrities. It’s so exclusive that it literally only has one road for entry and exit and parking spots, not for super cars, but luxury yachts. A-list guests include Steven Spielberg, Andrey Melnichenko, and Rihanna.

Travel Contrast Grows Between the Rich and Poor

2. Cote d’Azur, France

France’s Côte d’Azur, or the French Riviera, was named the preferred “leisure enclave” for the world’s super-rich inside a new report from British real estate consultant Savills. An average five-bedroom home on the Côte d’Azur now costs more than $US28.5 million ($29.8 million), Savills found. It ranked the exclusive enclaves, wherein the world’s wealthiest folk’s are prone to buy additional homes, by looking at four factors: the average price of prime residential property, the costliest prices for luxury hotel suites, global appeal, and exclusivity among the elite.

The locality is near Monaco and Nice and boasts of year-round sunshine and warm blue water, earning top spot in the range of luxury property purchases last year, according to Prime Enclave Index by U.K-based Savills, a popular index on property purchases by the super-rich.

Travel Contrast Grows Between the Rich and Poor

3. St. Barthélemy

Formally a quiet Caribbean island where “night life” known as sipping wine and watching the stars glittering in the sea, St. Barts is now the quintessential vacation destination. As a growing number of super-rich relish the magnificence of the island, the live music scene and clubs, it is now the fabulous island that it is today. Care to stumble upon celebrities and be seen chilling out where the rich and famous play? Then St. Barts is the place to be.

While warm sand and blue waters do make an ideal vacation location, this destination has that and a whole lot more. Almost every hot celebrity docks their yacht in St. Bart, where the glitzy night life and the glamorous day times are the envy of the Caribbean. It isn’t about who’s seen between the pages of a magazine; it’s who’s at the table alongside yours.

Your suite is supplied with piles of embroidered pillows, brightly painted chairs and a maid who’ll happily cook French meals three times a day. The Super-rich British outnumber other nationalities in possessing a piece of this volcanic rock. If you own a property in St. Bart, some of your famous neighbors include Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

Travel Contrast Grows Between the Rich and Poor

4. Maldives

The most recent super-rich from Asia are pumping more cash into luxury markets worldwide and Maldives resides in their mind. The tiny island country is cited by Prime Enclave to be the preferred spot for a vacation home (or maybe third or fourth) by the ultra-wealthy from Asia. The island is remote enough from many commercial flights that you should bring your own plane or yacht.

Travel Contrast Grows Between the Rich and Poor

5. Space

The super-rich don’t have to fall in line and wait on space either.  Space travel hideouts is more than ever feasible as a few private startups led by Virgin Galatic plan to offer the first commercially viable space tourism package—air included—in the next few years. To date, only the Russian Space Agency had provided space travel for private individuals, but the program is erratic and limited.

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